If you are heating with gas or solid fuels, you have according to Act No. 201/2012 Sb. the obligation to carry out regular inspections of boilers. Boiler revision is an investment for two to three years. The revisions of boilers do not concern only the owners of electric boilers in which there is no combustion.

SAVE PROTOCOLS FOR BOILER REVISION! Every visit of a boiler technician or chimney technician should be supported by a report on the tasks performed. This will avoid impending penalties from the authorities or loss of compensation by the insurance company in the event of an insured event. Last but not least, it is necessary to mention that the operation of an uncontrolled boiler is uneconomical and, in exceptional cases, may also lead to safety and health risks. 

Revision of solid fuel boilers

According to the Air Protection Act, all solid fuel boilers with rated heat input from 10 to 300 kW must be inspected, including inspection. This obligation applies to all types of solid-fuel boilers and the authorities are fined up to 50,000 CZK for non-compliance. The obligation to carry out this check applies every two years.

Revision of gas boilers

In the case of gas boilers, it is a legal obligation to carry out a so-called operational inspection every three years, during which is checked the tightness of gas distribution systems and other connected equipment. This Directive only applies to legal and natural persons - entrepreneurs. This obligation does not therefore apply to devices which are in the personal use of citizens. However, boiler manufacturers recommend to carry out a yearly service inspection of the boiler, because regular maintenance and service of the boiler significantly reduces its consumption and is also a prerequisite for a long-life of the system.

Chimneys and flue ways

In addition to the boilers themselves, their owners also have to check the chimneys or flue ways. For solid fuel boilers with an output of up to 50 kW (single-family houses), the chimney must be cleaned 3 times a year or twice a year if the boiler is used only seasonally.

For gas-fired boilers, it is a legal duty to inspect and clean the chimneys leading from the device every year.

These operations are performed by a chimney sweep, not by a service technician. However, you can still contact us.


 Hanging boilers + karma
Price without VAT
  - atmospheric boilers
  - condensing boilers up to 50 kW


 Stationary boilers
Price without VAT
  - up to 50 kW
  - boiler body cleaning 700,-


 Tanks 1260,-


 Electric boiler


 Flue gas measurement 650,-


Price without VAT
  - Saturday/Sunday
  - holidays



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