How to choose an electric boiler?

 Mostly electric boilers are suspended, other types of boilers are more on the ground. Compared to other boilers, electric boilers have the advantage that you do not have to deal with flue gas exhaust to the chimney and related matters. Another advantage of the electric boiler is its easy and ecological operation. What needs to be taken into account is the need for greater capacity in the electricity grid and also the fact that electricity heating is one of the more expensive variants of heating. On the other hand the price of the boiler belongs to the lowest.


There are several ways to heat:

Storage heater

  Heating stoves use a cheaper (low) tariff for electricity, during which they heat up and the heat they produce is accumulated in a special lining and gradually releases and warms the rooms during the day. Due to heat losses, this type of stove is recommended only in well insulated buildings (low-energy).

Heating by electric temperature boiler

 It is a classic electric boiler, which behaves like other hot water boilers, is easy to regulate and is suitable for underfloor heating and radiator heating. The boiler works by storing the heat generated in the water, which is further distributed by the pump to the radiators. The boiler operation is controlled by a control unit or a room thermostat.

Heat pumps

 This form of heating saves money compared to others and heat costs are reduced by almost half. However, the higher the efficiency of the pump, the higher its purchase price. This can range from CZK 25,000 to CZK 350,000. For example, the cheapest pumps are suitable for heating, but not for water heating.


How to choose the right electric boiler?

 It is important that the boiler has sufficient output. This is compared with the heat loss of the house, which you can find either in the project documentation or have it calculated by an expert. But if you are confident, you can calculate the approximate boiler output HERE. Keep in mind, however, that this is always a guideline number and you will still need to consult with an expert.

The output of an electric boiler usually ranges from 2 to 69 kW and it is necessary to have sufficient power supply and to choose a sufficient size of the circuit breaker, so that you simply do not issue fuses every time you plug in another appliance. 


Which object is suitable for electric boiler

 The electric boiler certainly does not fit into an old and poorly insulated house. The operating costs of the boiler in such a building can be very high. On the other hand it is suitable for thermal insulated buildings and low-energy buildings. In most cases, however, electric boilers work in conjunction with a heat pump, or as a supplement to a solid fuel boiler, as its efficiency may be insufficient during severe frosts.

TIP: How to save with electric boiler heating?

 If you intend to connect or already have an electric boiler in the heating system, you can ask your distributor (not the supplier) for a low 20-hour tariff, as a rule marked as D45d. This will reduce the total cost of operating all electrical appliances in the house, and if you even get used to it at this interval, you can even reduce your costs by 50%.

Do you know that: today there is no "night" stream, but distributors charge according to two tariffs. Therefore, at different intervals, tariffs are changed to the so-called low tariff (NT) and high tariff (VT). In order to benefit from these tariffs, you must prove to your distributor that you operate more electrically demanding appliances, including: an electric boiler, heat pumps, a storage heater or a boiler (used to heat water).